Huskers Need to Take Next Step

By Paul Troupe

It’s year four of the Bo Pelini era at Nebraska, and the Huskers have come out of the misery that Bill Callahan left the program in. Pelini came in and the Huskers were instantly a better team. But now, it’s time to address the question: Where are the Huskers going?

It’s been 10 years since  Nebraska went to a BCS bowl, and another 2 since the Huskers have won a conference championship. In all honesty, Nebraska probably should have won the Big XII Championship at least one of those two years.

The defense dominated a Texas squad that thought they could impose their will; it was Ndamukong Suh who imposed his will instead. Last year, the Huskers jumped all over the Sooners early, only to take their foot off the gas and let them come back and win the game.

In Pelini’s fourth year, Nebraska has become a good team. But they aren’t great. Too many times they have been inconsistent. They cannot finish games, cannot beat opponents they should beat, like Northwestern this year.

Nebraska’s defense has also been subpar by standards this year. The offense, though young, will improve with time. So should Tim Beck’s play calling.

For the Huskers to take the next step, recruiting is going to be key. Nebraska has utilized the state of Texas well and must continue to do that. They will also need to find more playmakers on defense. Crick, Cassidy, David and Dennard are gone after this year, with three possible first round picks.

Nebraska also wouldn’t hurt to look outside to promote assistant. Rumors were flying that Mark Mangino would be the new offensive coordinator at Nebraska before Tim Beck was announced. How much better could this offense be?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bo Pelini as our coach. It shouldn’t be fair to hold him to high standards, but this is Nebraska, and victories are expected. Bo preaches “they system.” But Bo, it’s time to take the next step.

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