Urban Meyer To Be Named Buckeyes Head Coach

By Tony Piraro

Former Florida Gators frontman Urban Meyer has agreed to terms with the Ohio State Buckeyes to be their new football head coach. The deal is set for seven years at $40 million over that time. So much for Meyer wanting to avoid the spotlight of a gigantic program again. The microscope will be drawn even closer to him in Columbus, than it ever was in Gainesville.

Urban Meyer is widely considered one of the best minds in college football. He started at Bowling Green University in 2001 before exiting for Utah. The way he turned around that Utah program with Alex Smith at the helm was commendable. Then, simply coming to Florida and inventing Tim Tebow. Meyer created a football monster that led him to a National Title and conference titles on a regular basis. However, there are still rumors swarming that Meyer is denying this job offer to certain media outlets.

Either way, when you replace a legend like Jim Tressel who was under a great deal of scrutiny at the end of his career, with another legend like Urban Meyer,  it certainly gives the program hope. Ohio State now realizes they are not just throwing in the towel for the future. There is no rebuilding period in Columbus, as Meyer will have that program back to being elite next season.

Braxton Miller should benefit from this move the most, as Meyer has been able to help quarterbacks the most during his career. Alex Smith and Tim Tebow are both succeeding at the professional level after playing in predominantly college spread offenses, unique to the NFL. However, both quarterbacks have been able to adjust to their NFL role and actually are having some success this season in the league. Some of that success should be attributed to Meyer for his guidance. Now, he is about to guide another program to the promiseland. Let’s just hope it is done the right way in Ohio, this time around



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