Marcus Grant Decides to Transfer

By Jordan Fries

Freshman wide receiver Marcus Grant has decided to transfer from the University of Iowa football team, per his Twitter account. Grant, who played both football and basketball at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts, was the first player to commit to the Hawkeyes for the 2011 class. He was a consensus three-star recruit and had offers from Syracuse, Connecticut, and other irrelevant East Coast outfits.

Grant cited “family issues” as the reason for the transfer, not coaching problems or a desire for more playing time, but the fact that he mentioned those possible motives in his Twitter post may suggest a more insidious reason. Or not. Regardless, Grant has taken the liberty to re-tweet the bevy of hateful mentions his followers are leaving him in apparent spite, which range from “I remember being homesick when I was 5” to “quitter.” Grant hadn’t tweeted since his high school graduation due to Kirk Ferentz’s Twitter ban, so he appears to be fully embracing his newfound social networking freedom with zest and earnest.

The loss of Grant is not catastrophic by any means (he only had one catch for 12 yards for the 2011 season), but it definitely hurts the depth at wide receiver next season and continues a disturbing trend of recent classes filled with players transferring. John Raymon, a freshman defensive end, announced he was transferring mid-season, and four-star freshman running back Rodney Coe didn’t qualify academically. Running back Mikail McCall, another member of the 2011 class, was suspended for the Nebraska game due to a sassy Facebook post about lack of playing time, so with Grant’s transfer Hawkeye fans will assuredly monitor McCall’s situation in the coming weeks. Although nobody expected Grant to fill the massive void left by departing senior and record book shatterer Marvin McNutt, he still would have competed with Steven Staggs, Jacob Hillyer, Jordan Cotton, and Don Shumpert for the third receiver spot next season. Hopefully Grant finds the peace he is looking for closer to home and the Hawkeyes can find another receiver to provide depth at the position.


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