Did Oklahoma State’s 44-10 Rout Of Oklahoma Sway BCS Voters?

By Robert D. Cobb

They say that to err is to be human, #3 (11-1, 8-1) Oklahoma State’s hopes of facing top-ranked LSU in the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, rests in the hands of a handful of voters..

Going into their game against their bitter in-state rival, (9-3, 6-3) Oklahoma, the Cowboys needed a convincing win over the #10th-ranked Sooners in hopes of swaying BCS voters.

And the Cowboys would do just that.

Led by running backs Joseph Randle and Jeremy Smith’s four combined touchdowns, the Cowboys would dominate the hapless Sooners from start to finish in a 44-10 romp.

Randle would rush for 151 yards on 19 carries and score two touchdowns and Smith would rush for 119 yards on ten carries and also score two touchdowns.

The only question that remains for the Cowboys now is—was it enough?

While the Crimson Tide did not win the SEC title and Oklahoma State did win the Big 12 conference title, there seems to be the prevailing notion that because Alabama is a shoo-in to face the Tigers in New Orleans for the BCS National Championship Game.

Not so fast—Crimson Tide fans.

While the Crimson Tide may seem to be the best—and most logical—team to face the Tigers in New Orleans, what have they done to earn the right to a rematch against a team that they lost 9-6 to?

The Crimson Tide has two wins against current BCS Top 25 teams in Arkansas and Penn State and three wins vs. FBS teams with winning records at Penn State, Arkansas and on the road against defending BCS champion Auburn on the road.

The case for Oklahoma State is a bit more clear-cut, they have five wins against current BCS Top 25 teams in Oklahoma, Kansas State, Baylor, Texas and Missouri.

The Cowboys also have seven wins against FBS teams with winning records in Louisana-Lafayette, Tulsa, Texas, Missouri, Baylor, Kansas State and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State did lose on the road against Iowa State, 37-31 in double overtime, the Cowboys—unlike the Crimson Tide did win their respective conference title.

Based on the overall body of work, Oklahoma State should theoretically jump the Crimson Tide.

This is where the human vote comes in.

It may not be about the quality or quality of wins that Oklahoma State has over Alabama, but the simple fact that since the Crimson Tide plays a higher level of competition in the SEC than Oklahoma State does in the Big 12, prospective voters may cast their votes for Alabama.

If that is indeed the case, then a LSU-Alabama rematch would be both a grave tragedy in sports and also a horrific travesty in voting in a team—like the Crimson Tide—to play for a national title when they did not even win it’s own conference title.

And the fact that it would be an all-SEC rematch will only add insult to injury for all of college football.

While #2 Alabama may indeed be the second-best team in the country, it did not the SEC Championship on Saturday in Atlanta—LSU did—while the Cowboys convincingly won theirs at home in Stillwater.

The sad part about this soon-to-be latest BCS nightmare is that despite winning handily over Oklahoma, the Cowboys may be the biggest loser of all.

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