Huskers Season Review, Part 1 - The Good

By Paul Troupe

In honors of the Huskers season, I am doing a three part segment on the Huskers season, covering the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly.

Let’s start with good. Nebraska had some pretty good games this season. Victories in a comeback win versus Ohio State, versus Michigan State, and at Penn State were great for the Huskers this season.

Nebraska was staring at an 0-2 start in B1G 10 play before Lavonte David changed the game completely. The Huskers came back and were able to be 1-1. They had no business winning that game, especially after letting the Buckeyes control that game (and let’s be honest, Ohio State had no business winning by that much either).

After beating up on the Gophers, the Spartans rolled into town, coming off an impressive win against Wisconsin. Nebraska would have not of it, defeating the Spartans handily 24-3. Kirk Cousins had arguably his worst day as a pro, BJ Cunningham was held catch less, and Nebraska enjoyed their own control of the Legends Division.

After a pitiful performance a week later versus Northwestern, Nebraska came to Happy Valley under unique circumstances. Penn State just had the scandal blown off, and many thought the game could/should/would be cancelled. Nevertheless, the game was played and Nebraska would play well enough to win. Lavonte David came up huge again, and Rex Burkehad was a steady hand to keep the Huskers ahead.

Many players had fine seasons for the Huskers.

Taylor Martinez redeveloped himself and became a much better passer this season, but he also has quite a bit to work on. Rex Burkhead was “Super” this season, racking up nearly 1300 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. Quincy Enunwa, Kenny Bell, and Jamal Turner all came and gone, but showed flashes of brilliance.

Lavonte David played like a man possessed, recording another fine season, while finishing on many all american teams. Once Alfonzo Dennard came back, he played really well. BJ Cunninham did squat and Marvin McNutt was held to 1 yard through three quarters. WIll Compton also played excellent when he was on the field.

Brett Maher continued another fine season for the Huskers special teams. Ameer Abdullah started the season strong, but faded a bit, still recording a number of long, important kick returns for the Huskers.

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