NCAA Football

Papuchis the Man

Let’s hope that Bo Pelini knows what he is doing. Yesterday, Coach announced that John Papuchis will officially become Nebraska’s new defensive coordinator when the players return from Christmas break. Not bad for a man who is 33 years old, and has not been in the coaching position very long.

Then again, Pelini is not that old, nor grand with coaching experience. He never had a head coaching position before Nebraska, but he had some salty defenses. Pelini has chosen to hire within, rather than go out and try a big name guy.

To be completely honest, I am not 100% happy with this hire. John has done a masterful job of getting recruits to Lincoln, but with this new position, things are going to change.

Who will take over the recruiting coordinator? Who is going to be the man to go in for the signature and close the deal? There are so many unanswered questions right now, and no one really knows, except for maybe Bo.

What Husker fans now should do is take a long, hard look at this bowl game. I am sure Pap won’t change too much from what Carl has been doing. I also have a hunch that Bo will be with him all game, not second guessing, but giving input for the defensive calls.

Next season is not going to be easy for the defense. No Lavonte David, Alfonzo Dennard, and Jared Crick. Austin Cassidy is also graduating. Nebraska is going to have quite a few question marks on defense, so there will be some adjustment period.

Thankfully, there is a bowl game and a full off-season to get a jump start on duties for next year. It will be interesting to see if the defense strategy will change much next season. Carl Pelini liked to ramp up the pressure on third downs.

This is just one of the many questions that will have to be determined next year.