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NCAA Football

LSU Should Be Embarrassed By Their BCS Championship Game Performance

My eyes, they burn.  LSU should be embarrassed for the absolutely awful display of offense they showed in Monday’s BCS Championship Game.  Alabama dominated the Tigers in every facet of the game, winning the game 21-0.  They didn’t cross midfield until midway through the fourth quarter.  Getting first downs was an event.  Jordan Jefferson looked atrocious.  The run game was bad.  The option was worse.

Seriously, how can you spend a month preparing for a game and show up with an offense as bad as that?  Let’s throw some hard numbers at you.  Five first downs, 92 total yards of offense, and one trip into Alabama territory.  LSU managed 1.4 yards per carry and a fantastic 3.1 yards per pass.  They couldn’t even must 25 minutes of ball control.

The execution was bad, but the play calling might have been worse.  Repeatedly, LSU ran the option.  It didn’t work.  It was bad blocking, bad reading by the quarterback and the running back wasn’t able to slip tackles.  LSU had some marginal success running up the middle, but that was it.

Jordan Jefferson was the worst offender.  The quarterback’s decent season crashed and burned.  11/17 for 53 yards and two turnovers.  He picked up 15 yards on 14 carries and couldn’t run the option if his life depended on it.  When you are an option quarterback and you consistently bail out before you make the defensive end commit, it’s not going to work.  Jefferson showed that.

Alabama’s defense is ferocious.  They played one heck of a game.  They swarmed to the ball and disrupted LSU on every play, but LSU was more than eager to run right to them.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why Jarrett Lee didn’t play.  Is he that bad in practice?  If he would’ve done worse than Jefferson did tonight, he has no reason being on a college roster.

Gunner Kiel arrives on campus next year.  With the putrid play we saw from the LSU quarterback tonight, it is not a moment too soon.  It’s embarrassing to see the number one ranked team in the nation end the season with such an awful offensive performance.