Russell Wilson To Pursue NFL, Forgoes MLB Career

By Tony Piraro

The Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson took the college football world by storm this season and will now pursue a career in the National Football League. Wilson was a 4th-round draft choice of the Colorado Rockies at second base. However, Wilson told the Rockies Wednesday that he would not be making it to spring training because he will be pursuing a career in football.

Russell Wilson was a Heisman candidate for the Badgers in 2011 and nearly led the team to its first National Championship. If not for two Hail Mary passes in back-to-back weeks, Wilson may have been hoisting the Heisman and the Badgers may have been the BCS National Champs. However, it didn’t work out that way, but it did work in favor of Wilson as scouts fell in love with the quarterback.

The Badgers former quarterback is intelligent and mature beyond his years. He knew his time was coming, but that his time would come a lot faster through football. Wilson had the highest completion percentage over his career in college football history. He has a strong arm and is extremely efficient. If he wasn’t a top prospect before the college football season started, he is now.

I would rank Wilson No. 3 on the list of quarterbacks entering the NFL Draft. No. 1 would be Andrew Luck obviously. No. 2 is Robert Griffin III and I see Wilson climbing up the rankings to the No. 3 in a hurry.

Wilson is an extremely gifted talent, and was leaning toward a baseball career for the longest time. However, he like former Florida State standout Charlie Ward was in a similar situation and chose the NBA over the NFL. His career and name would never be the same. Wilson is of similar make-up to Charlie Ward as he can run and pass while being a efficient quarterback. The only difference is, Wilson will be a future star in the NFL while Ward wishes he was.

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