Breaking News: Former Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno In Grave Condition

By Lars Hanson

According to Michael Sisak of The Citicizn Voice in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Joe Paterno is in grave condition and close to death. The family has been called to be at Paterno’s side as the former Penn State head coach continues to fight for his life. Paterno, 85, has been fighting cancer since his firing on November, 9, 2011.

Via Sisak “Paterno’s wife, Sue, summoned close friends and longtime staff members this  afternoon to the State College hospital where Paterno has been undergoing  treatments since last weekend. Paterno wanted to see them and say a final goodbye, Sue told one of the staff members, the source said.”

In a statement released just within the past 20 minutes the Paterno family said “Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health  complications,” the statement said. “His doctors have now characterized his  status as serious. His family will have no comment on the situation and asks  that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

While the news is saddening, it’s hard to know truly how to feel after the allegations from the Jerry Sandusky case have come out. Paterno, still beloved by thousands upon thousands of Penn State fans, has lost his stature with the mishandling of the Sandusky incident that happened back in the early 2000’s.

Ron Musselman, who covers Penn State for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzett, has reported that police have blocked off McKee Street, were Joe Paterno lives.

NBC has also reported that doctors have stopped Paterno’s chemotherapy treatment due to complications that resulted in his current hospitalization.

There is no timetable for how long Paterno is expected to remain alive but with his current situation it’s likely he’s got within 24 to 48 hours to live.

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