Keep The Joe Paterno Mourning In Perspective

The college football world lost Joe Paterno on Sunday morning.   The legendary Penn State coach died at the age of 85 from complications stemming from cancer treatment.  The mourning of Paterno’s passing is being felt across the nation and with good reason.

Paterno, much like Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi, died when he was without football.  Being relived of his duties this past season spelled the end for Paterno.  Like Bryant and Lombardi, Paterno was not without his flaws.  However, Paterno’s flaws had a direct impact on the people the world should strive to protect.  By failing to report Jerry Sandusky, Paterno failed to protect the lives of innocent children.

Paterno may have done everything he was legally supposed to do, but he still failed the victims of Jerry Sandusky.  Sandusky is a monster and Penn State failed to prevent his actions.  The abuses that took place on the campus and in the football locker room are some of the worst atrocities that can happen to children.

Excuses can be made, but there isn’t an acceptable one.  For being a great molder of men, Paterno failed to protect children.  It can be that black and white.  Every person has flaws, but it is up to them to determine if they affect other people.  Paterno’s flaw was not acting.  Failure to act was the absolute worst thing he could have done.

There’s nothing wrong with mourning the loss of Paterno.  As a college football fanatic, I understand a legend was lost.  As a human being, I also understand that Paterno failed at protecting children, for whatever reason.  When you say a prayer for Paterno, say one for the victims of the scandal.  They need them more than anyone.

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  • John Lombardi

    Lombardi was still head coach of the Redskins when he died.

  • http://RantRileySchmitt Kirk Golden

    Nice article on Paterno. Crawl back in your playpen until you grow up. Write about that which you know nothing and it will come back to haunt you.You’ve proven your worth to society you gutless hack. Jump on the ESPN wagon of clueless sound bites call yourself What, a journalist?t? You researched the chain of command and articles of procedure for sex crimes right?( No You Didn’t). The chain must not be contaminated as facts must be delivered properly and in sequence so the facts don’t get distorted and re-made. Don’t sit on your ass in a dorm room and condemn great men because you don’t want to work for your “so called profession” You may now return to COD.I would give you advice but you don’t deserve it.