Westboro Baptist Church to picket at Paterno funeral

By Kris Hughes

The folks from Westboro Baptist Church are notorious muckrakers, willing to take-on whomever, whenever with their ridiculous protests. There are no taboo targets for these religious zealots, and apparently, Joe Paterno’s funeral will be their next destination.

According to NBC’s College Football Talk, WBC plans on protesting at Paterno’s funeral because of “his partaking in a neighbor’s sin”, which, I suppose, could be most easily translated to his handling of the Jerry Sandusky matter.

The wife of WBC leader, Fred Phelps, Margie Phelps, posted a series of vitriolic and non-sensical tweets earlier today outlining the reasoning behind the “church’s” decision to picket at the Paterno funeral claiming that the former Penn State coach is “in hell” and “partook of sin for fame and fortune.”

This is the same church that continues to picket at the funerals of slain US Armed Forces members and recently picketed at the funeral of children who were murdered by their father in a house fire. The immense lack of respect and general idiocy actions like this suggest remove any legitimacy from this organization.

This says all it really needs to say. I’ll not go any further with my opinion on this so-called church, that should be obvious.

Hopefully, in time, they will crawl back under the rock they emerged from.

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