What Does Nebraska Basketball Need to Do?

By Paul Troupe

Nebraska basketball has been downright awful for a few seasons. They have not been to “The Dance” since 1998, a figure that Doc Sadler is desperately trying to fix. Unfortunately for the Huskers, the lack of consistent wins is what has doomed them these past few years.

Nebraska is soon to open Pinnacle Bank Arena and the new Hendricks Practice Facility that will bring Nebraska basketball to the top in terms of facilities throughout this country. There are not many schools that will be able to say they have as nice of facilities, that is for sure.

With that, Nebraska basketball is going to have a rough period of adjustment in B1G 10 play, as this is perhaps the best conference in all of college basketball this season. Currently there are five B1G teams in the top 25, including two in the top ten. The road has not been easy so far for the Big Red, and it will not be getting easier as they continue down the road.

First for Nebraska basketball, Doc Sadler is going to have to continue to recruit top quality players. The new facilities are going to help, as will the possibility of early playing time in a top conference. Jorge Diaz is a nice player, but he is not an elite level athlete that clogs the middle as many other B1G programs have, such as Jared Sullinger for Ohio State. Nebraska is also in need of another player to replace Bo Spencer, who unfortunately is graduating this year.

Secondly for Nebraska basketball, the fans have got to get excited, especially the students. They were given a nice treat with a victory over a struggling Indiana program, but that is not enough. Fans have been non existent at some games, which if the Huskers want to attract recruits, is not going to cut it.

Lastly, Doc Sadler has to get the team to play more consistently. Close games against tough opponents are nice, but the Huskers has got to win at least half of these games. Nebraska fans like their victories, not their losses. Bo Spencer is doing all he can, but he has no help.

Nebraska is on the upswing, but they have a lot of work to do to win games.

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