Huskers Addressing Linebacker Needs

By Paul Troupe

Signing day still has a few hours left to go, but Nebraska has secured quite a few strong commitments already. Some of them were known to have already committed over a year ago, while others we have been waiting on until they were officially announced.

With a transition to the B1G 10, Nebraska is going to have an abundance of opportunities for the new signees to see playing action on the field. Lavonte David has officially left the Husker program. We at Husker nation are sad to see him go. But now his name has been forever etched into Husker lore, and there is a new standard for the recruits to live up to.

Sean Fisher and Will Compton have the inside track, as both have been with the team multiple years though have seen spotty playing time. With the transition, Pelini appears to prefer playing a typical 4-3 defense, so expect lots of playing time to the young guys. Speaking of which, here’s who Nebraska has so far.

Michael Rose was the first to commit to this Husker class more than a year ago. Rose is going to be a true freshmen this year, but comparisons are already being made to David. However, he is still raw talent, so those are unfair. Rose is an outspoken young man at times, but don’t let that mislead you.

Zaire Anderson is perhaps the most ready to play, having followed David’s route through junior college. Anderson is the number one rated juco linebacker in the country, and having been there, he knows more of what it takes and the work ethic necessary at the next level.

Nebraska also secured a commitment from Jared Afalava from Utah. He is a top 50 prospect and a two time all state selection. He may not see the field this season, but do remember his name, because it will come up a lot in the next few years.

That’s all Nebraska has for now at this position, be sure to check back here for more recruiting coverage.

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