Photo: Folsom Field Is Getting an Upgrade

By David LaRose

Folsom Field has been around since 1924 and has seen plenty of upgrades since then. Expansions since then have increased the capacity from the original 25,000 to where it is today at 53,613. The playing surface was changed from turf to natural grass in 1999 and it includes bio-thermal heating, drainage and a sub-air system.

But the most exciting addition to Folsom Field is still to come.

Yesterday at the press conference to announce the incoming 2012 football recruiting class they had a model of a new athletic administration building that will replace the current building, Dal Ward. I was able to get a picture of it on my phone, much to the excitement of the Colorado fans who follow me on twitter. Here’s what they saw:

It also looks like part of the new addition would be additional seats for fans that is connected to the new building. It is rumored that this addition of seats would increase the capacity of Folsom to over 60,000 fans.

Now there is no official word on concrete plans or construction dates for this project but I thought I would pass it along. I will keep everyone updated on any further developments that I hear or see.

It was also announced that plans to upgrade both of the scoreboards has been approved by the CU Board of Regents. This plan involves a $7 million upgrade of the current scoreboards from their standard definition screens to full HD capabilities. The change will also increase the size of both scoreboards, filling their current frames which include the slots for advertisements. Also the static advertisement signs will be replaced with video banners below the new scoreboards. Here is the link to the proposed changes.

This is exciting news for the CU football program and it looks like the move to the Pac-12 is continuing to show it’s benefits.

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