Danny Trevathan to Represent Kentucky at the 2012 NFL Draft

By Ryan Wooden

There’s not a lot of positive in a 5-7 season, but at the University of Kentucky, where football still clearly takes a backseat to roundball, you have to pick your battles. Even in Kentucky, you can’t be truly happy with not qualifying for a bowl game, but ending a 27-year losing streak to the University of Tennessee still made 2011 a special season for the Wildcats.

For a couple of players, 2012 looks to be even sweeter as they hope to recognize their lifelong dreams of playing in the NFL.

Here is an early look at draft projections and scouting reports for draft-eligible Kentucky Wildcats.

(Rankings courtesy of CBS Sports)

Danny Trevathan- #210 Overall, #20 OLB

Danny Trevathan is an undersized Will-linebacker who has been one of the conference’s leading tacklers for the past few seasons. Trevathan is a strong tackler who diagnoses well, but he’s not necessarily the most physically gifted linebacker on the market. He needs to be stronger at the point of attack, but he still has value in a 4-3 system.

Grade: Fifth-Sixth Round

Winston Guy- #306 Overall, #14 SS

Whereas Trevathan is an undersized linebacker, Guy is an oversized defensive back, who has versatility and can play both safety and corner, though his body type and stiff hips makes him a more capable safety than a corner. Guy is listed as a fringe prospect by most prognosticators, but his versatility to play multiple positions in the secondary and his willingness to play special teams gives him solid value in the late rounds.

Grade: Seventh-UFA

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