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Husker Basketball: Recruiting Needs

If Nebraska wants to make that run at a B1G title, or at least competing, they better start recruiting. With the new facilities set to open in the next few years, Sadler has that missing piece he has been complaining about ever since he arrived in Lincoln. Well Doc, now you have your world class facilities that include a state of the art basketball arena, practice center, and players lounge. So, now it is time to get to work.

Nebraska basketball has struggled for years with finding the right type of players. They have recruited guys that are all good role players, but they lack the supporting cast for that truly great player. Bo Spencer has been playing out of his mind this season. He is absolutely the only one that can do anything offensively by himself, and if he struggles, then the whole team struggles. Opponents have an easy game plan. So Nebraska, here’s some help on what you need.

First, you need a post presence. Jorge Diaz is a tall guy, but he’s scrawny. Go out and find a big guy with a big body that is not afraid to push people around. Then find a backup that can do the same thing. These guys are molded in the presence of Tyson Chandler, where they play ferocious defense, and have just enough offense to keep defenses honest.

Second, go find some scorers that can play a little defense. You play the slow it down type, sure, but you cannot win games if you cannot score. You  need at least two versatile players that can create their own shot. Bo Spencer and nobody right now. Last year, Lance Jeter was doing anything and everything to keep this team afloat. Like Spencer this year, they need a wing man to compliment them.

Thirdly, you already sort of have this piece, but find a spot up shooter. He does not need to be a JJ Redick, Nate Funk, Kyle Korver, etc, that scores a bunch of points a game, but he needs to be someone that when a play his run for him, you know the ball is going in.

If the Huskers can at least find this in their recruiting class this season, that will be golden. It may take a few years to get these guys ready, but when they start to be successful, then the program becomes successful.