Husker Basketball Still Years Away From Relevancy

By Paul Troupe

Nebraska basketball has been trying to market itself as a bigger name program that it is. The basketball team has no where near the market brand as the football team, but they are trying to change that. However, this program is still light years behind the football team.

Nebraska basketball has not had any sort of consistency  in this past decade. Sure, they have made the NIT tournament a few times, but no one cares unless your making the Big Dance. The Huskers have not done that since 1998, and they continue to show that they are not ready for it.

Nebraska has big wins each season. They have beaten the likes of Texas, Kansas, and Indiana in road and home games, but then they lose games that they should be winning, such as at Iowa State last year. Until Nebraska can actually start to win games consistently, there is no hope for this program to make the dance.

Nebraska’s offense is still missing a few key players. They have absolutely no post presence now that Jorge Diaz is out, and they do not have a second scorer that can complement Bo Spencer. If Doc Sadler wants to stick around, he better figure out how to get recruits to sign that dotted line with Nebraska at the top.

If Nebraska cannot recruit with the facilites that are soon to be opened, then shame on them. I don’t expect Nebraska to ever be an Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, or other top B1G  10 teams, but they certainly should not be the laughing stock of the entire league. I can see Nebraska being a consistent middle of the pack team.

With that, they win a few games, lose a few others, but they are almost always on the bubble to get the chance for a national championship, albeit a small chance. Unless Nebraska recruits though, this is only a dream.

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