Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator Jay Norvell Violates NCAA Rules by Tweeting Recruits

By Luke McConnell

Social media is often a tough thing to handle, and it appears Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell’s use of it has caused a secondary NCAA violation.

Earlier today, Norvell tweeted several of OU’s targets in their 2013 recruiting class, offering some of them scholarships and promoting the school in others.

Currently, it is a silent period in the recruiting world until April, so Norvell’s tweets would be a secondary violation. Had these messages been direct messages instead of open replies, they wouldn’t have been seen.

Dallas Skyline wide receiver tweeted this later on after the tweets were removed from Norvell’s account.

“I hope coach Norvell don’t get in trouble man.” And: “Man that’s messed up if he get in trouble over that … Smh.”

OU hasn’t confirmed or denied the issue or made a statement whether or not Norvell’s account was hacked or if he just accidentally sent them himself.

Below is a screenshot of the tweets, courtesy of SB Nation.



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