Mike McQueary's Home For Sale

By Chris Hengst

Mike McQueary, the prosecution’s star witness in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case, has put his Pennsylvania home on the market. According to Nate Mink of StateCollege.com, the former Penn State quarterback’s home is valued at around $575,000.

There’s no indication as to whether he’s currently living there.

McQueary’s Grand Jury testimony illustrated how graphic and sickening the Sandusky scandal was and spurred questions about Joe Paterno’s response.

Paterno passed away January 23rd but his former wide receivers coach remains on paid administrative leave at Penn State.

The case is set for trial in May but as has been rehashed continually, Sandusky is much more likely to accept an eleventh hour plea agreement.

McQueary’s involvement, his testimony and action or inaction depending on the view, probably delays his return to coaching college football until the toxicity of this scandal passes.

If he returns at all.

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