Oregon "Failed To Adequately Monitor" Football Recruiting

By Lars Hanson

When the NCAA infraction committee starts looking at your football program, or any program for that matter, they will find something. Today, the NCAA started to leave hints about the University of Oregon’s football recruiting practices and the severity of potential penalties against the program.

In college athletics the two words phrases uttered to a school are “lack of institutional control” and “failure to adequately monitor the football program”. Oregon received the second statement Friday from the NCAA according to the Register Guard and later confirmed by the University.

The University of Oregon conquered with the NCAA that their recruiting practices and involvement with recruit scouting services weren’t in compliance with NCAA rules. Elite Scouting (Charles Fishbein), New Level (Baron Flenory) were two recruiting services that Oregon used from 2008 through 2011 in addition to the previously known Will Lyles.

The school also agreed that “the athletics department failed to adequately monitor the football program’s use of recruiting or scouting services.” That also includes having more than the legal amount of coaches recruiting at any one time. While the statement today is only a draft, meaning that several other pieces of information were left out for student privacy laws, it shows significant signs that there are a major sanctions looming.

Since Chip Kelly took over as head coach after being promoted from offensive coordinator in 2009 Oregon has been recruiting illegally. In September the NCAA first started looking into Oregon’s use of  recruiting services by Will Lyles, who Oregon paid $25,000 to “access and influence recruits” to go to Oregon according to Lyles.

The University claims it was for film on recruits that were potential targets.

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