Neal Hawks Rips Husker's Athletic Department

By Paul Troupe

Neal Hawks is a big time donor to the Husker program, and is not afraid to speak his mind about the lack of commitment to the Husker basketball program. Hawks wrote, and then paid for, a full page ad in the Sunday edition of the Omaha World Herald, which can be found here.

Hawks used points about how Nebraska does not pay hardly enough to any of its coaches with basketball. At just over $4 million, the Husker basketball ranked last in the B1G 10 in terms of spending money allocated to mens basketball. Try competing for a B1G 10 title with that much money, and it just will not happen.

Hawks also fairly points out that the Husker’s have one of the hardest schedules in the country this season. Many rankings have them listed in the top ten, and as high as number six. For a program that does not pony up any money, you just cannot compete.

Perhaps I was wrong to say fire Doc Sadler. Maybe he is not the problem. Rather, the problem is a lack of commitment – a word Hawks used 11 times – that has been the biggest problems for the Huskers.

One reason why football has done well is their commitment. Huge financial initiatives include coaches, stadium expansions, recruiting help, etc. The school just gave the program a new training facility and a new arena. Now it is time for Nebraska to back up their basketball program.

Doc Sadler deserves more time and some more money. If the Huskers can give him that, then let the fun begin. Sadler is a good coach, this is not entirely on him. But the lack of competitiveness in games is not the schools fault. This lies both ways, but its time for something major to be done. Pearlman, Osborne, your on the clock.

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