Tim Miles Is The Guy, But Can He Bring Consistent Winning To Lincoln?

By Paul Troupe

Tim Miles has been pegged as the future leader of Nebraska Cornhusker basketball and his hiring has brought mixed reaction from Husker faithful, but there seems to be more positive than negative. Miles has led Colorado State to three straight postseason berth, with one each in the College Basketball Invitational, National Invitational Tournament, and the March Madness as an eleven seed.

Nebraska basketball has signed coaches with hype before Miles, with Barry Collier and Doc Sadler. Can Miles be different than his predecessors?

Both Sadler and Collier produced mediocre results at best, a consistent defensive effort, but could never put together enough offense to win Big XII and B1G 10 games. Miles has pleaded with Husker fans to give him time. But how much patience will Husker fans have?

Bo Pelini has brought four nine win seasons to Nebraska, yet Husker fans are getting impatient at zero BCS bowl games and zero league titles. Miles has what previous coaches at Nebraska did not; top notch facilities and the backing of an athletic department.

Coach Miles has to prove he can bring big time prospects to Nebraska. Creighton has been getting better prospects because they are a better basketball school. Now Miles has to compete with not only the Bluejays but also the other B1G 10 teams. Miles has done well to improve Colorado State’s record the past few seasons, but that is the Mountain West, not the B1G 10.

This is also Nebraska’s seventh straight hiring of a coach from a mid major conference, and none have made the successful jump to the power conference.. Don’t get me wrong, it is way too early to tell, but there still has to be a reason why Nebraska could not get Shaka Smart, John Groce, Scott Sutton, or Rob Jeter to even consider the offer.

Tim Miles will need to work quickly. Nebraska has a lot of gaps to fill in with recruiting to get to the next level. His first goal is going to the NCAA tournament and getting that all elusive first win. I’m just hoping Nebraska can be competitive and win some conference games.

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