Nebraska Basketball Recruiting Needs

By Paul Troupe

Tim Miles has been named the guy for Husker basketball, and he must get to work quickly to identify recruiting needs and players to target. Nebraska may not ever attract the top recruits in the nation, but they sure can attract big name players with the brand new facilities and a brand new arena that is opening very soon.

Nebraska is in need of big, strong, physical center or power forwards. Currently they have a few on the roster, but none of the players have developed into what many thought they could be. Perhaps it was the player, or perhaps it was that Doc Sadler could not develop the talent enough. Whatever the case is, Nebraska is in need of a big time center.

The Huskers were terrible on offense last season. Averaging 60.9 points per game, they ranked 308 of 345 teams. They averaged only 12.7 assists per game, which ranked 183rd in the nation. Nebraska also shot a dismal 42.7% as a team, which was good for 214th. So what does this mean?

Nebraska needs a second scorer. Two years ago it was Lance Jeter, this past year it was Bo Spencer. Both guys never had enough help and opponents would key on them. Stop Jeter or Spencer, and you stop the Huskers. The assists tally will go up when Huskers score more baskets, something they never did enough of under Sadler.

Shoot, Nebraska needs to recruit three or four. In all honesty, Nebraska could have done so much better last year had they had a second option. It was too painful to watch as Nebraska tried to run sets for Spencer, only to find the entire defense around him and then have an open teammate brick a shot.

Nebraska could also use a point guard. Mike Gesell from South Sioux City would have been a great get; instead, he is at Iowa. Under Tim Miles, Nebraska is going to push the ball and try to score transition baskets. A point guard who can read and run the floor is necessary.

Colorado State struggled defensively under Miles, but no fear as he moves to Nebraska, because the past Husker teams have been pretty good defensively. They would try to win games by slowing down opposing offenses and playing half court basketball. If Nebraska only gets a few recruits this season, they should really focus on finding players who can create their own shot and are offensively efficient.

It is going to be a long process to bring Nebraska that first NCAA win. Let the waiting continue.

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