Nebraska Basketball Coach Tim Miles To Begin Uphill Battle Without Diaz

Nebraska Basketball Coach Tim Miles was already going to have a tough time coming to Nebraska. A program with a lack of prestige in recent years, and stil lacking that elusive first tournament win, Miles’s challenge is about to get just a little bit tougher.

Jorge Diaz, the Huskers starting center for the past few seasons when healthy, has decided to leave the program. Miles announced yesterday that Diaz will be returning to his native Puerto Rico. Diaz played in just 16 games last season, averaging 9 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game. Not exactly stellar.

Nebraska is going to have a lot of recruiting needs this season, and the immediate transfer of Diaz highlights the need for a big man. I already mentioned here about the need for a better big man and scorer for the Huskers, and the transfer makes this an immediate need.

Miles was already planning on breaking in at least four new starters, as the Huskers graduated four seniors. With the departure of Diaz, that makes five new starters. Husker fans are going to need to be patient, as Miles is literally starting at ground zero. Unfortunately for Husker fans, we will see how patient they can be.

Nebraska boosters have been upset at the lack of commitment to the program. With a new coach, albeit a mid major coach, and new amenities, I’m not sure how much time is on Miles side. People want to see winning right away. I thought Sadler had bought time with a great win over Indiana, but that was not the case as the Huskers went on to finish with a pathetic conference and overall record.

Good news for Miles is that the Huskers new stadium and practice arena are sure to get the eyes of at least a few recruits. Fans must remain patient. Five new starters are not easy to replace. I really do want to see the Huskers basketball program compete in the Big 10, just please, be patient.

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