Bobby Petrino Wasn't Alone On His Motorcycle, Young Blonde In Tow

By Chris Hengst

Bobby Petrino‘s reputation as a play caller is renown, his game off the field might deserve some respect too. Injured in a motorcycle accident over the weekend, the Arkansas head coach, according to a police report and the Arkansas Times, had Jessica Dorrell, a 25 year-old blonde, Razorback employee as a passenger.

She’s engaged. He’s married.

Someone, be it the police department, Petrino or Arkansas, isn’t telling the truth.

The school released a statement Monday that “no other individuals” were involved.

Miss Dorrell played volleyball at Arkansas, earning All-SEC honors, graduated in 2008 and added an MBA in 2010.

A member of the fundraising foundation at the school since last May, she’d recently added the title of “student-athlete development coordinator for football.” Per the Arkansas Times, that position reports directly to Petrino.

A cursory Google search brings up the Knot page, devoted to her June wedding. Dorrell’s fiance also works for Arkansas.

Dorrell’s involvement is sad, obviously, on a number of levels. There’s no indication of a relationship beyond professionally with Petrino, but it won’t stop assumptions.

Further, the job of Razorbacks beat writers becomes tracking down a cover-up. Did the police department try to ease a situation by not immediately contradicting Arkansas’ initial claim that Petrino rode solo?

Did Arkansas, knowing this information had to get out, blindly trust that the police department wouldn’t release it?

Has Bobby Petrino’s wife put him back in the hospital yet?

Questions abound and if the fervor that SEC fans show for football is any indication, this story will place Arkansas and Petrino in a spotlight that might get very uncomfortable.

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