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Purdue Basketball 2012-2013 Roster Speculation

Matt Painter had a press conference Monday to wrap-up the 2011-2012 season. Michael Osipoff of the Post-Tribune recapped all of Matt Painter’s comments in Monday’s story (LINK).

I recommend reading all of Osipoff’s story because there are great tidbits about almost every player. Particularly interesting is the possibility of roster changes. Painter said this in response to a question about the possibility of roster defections:

We’ll see. It’s a two-way street, it’s not always my decision. The one thing I’ve tried to build with our guys is being honest about where they stand…

Painter was also asked specifically about the possibility of 5th year redshirt senior John Hart transferring. The coach said that he won’t know anything until upcoming individual meetings with each player.

Of course, now seems like a perfect time to speculate on the possibilities of a transfer like any good, obsessed Purdue fan would.

The fact that Matt Painter was asked about John Hart transferring shows that some are already viewing this as a real possibility. In my personal opinion, I think it is more likely than not that Hart will take advantage of the 5th year transfer rule and take his talents to a school like IUPUI where he should be able to start. Even though Hart may have an opportunity for playing time at Purdue next year with the dismissal of Kelsey Barlow, he has a lot of competition at guard from Terone Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Rapheal Davis and others. So there is an incentive to leave to get more playing time elsewhere. Hart is on track to graduate, so he should be able to find a master’s program at another school that Purdue doesn’t offer (as the 5th year transfer rule requires).

Although I think it is likely Hart will transfer, I do wish he stays. His presence is needed as a veteran guard and even if he doesn’t play in the regular rotation, he will serve as much needed depth in Purdue’s 3 guard lineups that demand a lot of defensive pressure and hustle. If Hart does leave, that will leave Purdue with just 11 scholarship players and put more pressure on Matt Painter to add another player for next year’s team.

Even though Hart might be the most likely candidate to transfer, don’t completely rule out the possibility of others making a jump, especially in light of the massive amounts of transfers this season throughout Division 1 basketball (LINK). Here are some thoughts on players who could consider transferring:

  • Jacob Lawson: There’s no reason to think Lawson would transfer, but his playing time dropped off completely at the end of the season. If he has a big offseason, he could be a great player for Purdue and even start. But you never know whether a player is frustrated by first year struggles. I would be very surprised if this happens, but you never know…
  • Travis Carroll: Although he started most of the season, he also may be frustrated that he lost significant playing time in the NCAA Tourney. Also, with the addition of Hammons, Simpson, and Hale, he’ll have more competition for playing time next season. I would be shocked if this happens.
  • Sandi Marcius: It wouldn’t make sense for Sandi to transfer at this point in his career because if he really wanted to transfer, he would be smart and wait until next year to take advantage of the 5th year transfer rule which doesn’t require him to sit out a year. I think it is highly unlikely that Marcius would leave this year, but wouldn’t rule it out following the 2012-2013 season. Also, Marcius played an integral part to Purdue’s NCAA Tourney win and near upset of Kansas.
  • Anthony Johnson: It also wouldn’t make sense for AJ to transfer given that he really elevated his play at the end of the year and figures to play a major role on next year’s team. This would be a shocker.
  • No way any of these guys transfer: Terone Johnson, DJ Byrd, and Donnie Hale (he’s already waited 2 years to finally play!).
Not only is there a chance of possible defections, but Purdue may add a player to next year’s team. In response to this issue, Painter made a general comment:
We’re, generally speaking, we’re always recruiting, we’re always looking. We’re always in the hunt to find somebody, and get them on campus. We’ll see as time goes.
Ever since Purdue stopped recruiting Junior College player Trency Jackson, there has been very little news about who Matt Painter may be after. However, if Purdue gets down to 11 roster spots, there will be a lot of pressure to add immediate help.
Look for Purdue to get involved with a player that can play point guard. One possibility is Kyle Randall, a transfer from UNC Greensboro that can play one year immediately. If not a point guard, the Boilers could also be looking for a big combo guard or a wing that can shoot the 3 ball.
Also, don’t rule out the chance that Purdue goes after a transfer that has to sit out a year. Even though Purdue needs immediate help, they inquired about Duquesne transfer TJ McConnell before he decided to transfer to Arizona (LINK). In addition, Drake transfer Rayvonte Rice is considering transferring to Purdue (LINK). It makes more sense to add a player that can play immediately, but Purdue shouldn’t turn down a good player if it can get one.