Les Miles and the NFL Draft: Anything Goes

By Chris Hengst

The NFL Network’s broadcast of the Draft so far outpaces ESPN’s, it’s uncanny. So it makes complete sense that while Jon “THIS GUY” Gruden will provide analysis for the World Wide Leader, NFL Network added LSU head coach Les Miles to their coverage.

The Hat will be in Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night for the first round as a guest of Tigers defensive back Morris Claiborne. Presumably, he’ll get plenty of air time then as well.

Sitting alongside Rich Eisen, Brian Billick, Marshall Faulk and Mike Mayock, Miles shouldn’t have any trouble providing hilarity. His co-hosts are knowledgeable and an enjoyable watch but the LSU coach can’t help his quirky charisma.

So when April 28th rolls around, look for the following statements to emanate from an NFL Network‘s analyst chair:

“4th round, lot of able bodies in these picks, lot of kids who don’t their ass from the Second Battle of Bull Run.”

“You know Rich, we’ve never played Central Michigan. And I’d appreciate it if you’d stay out of my personal affairs.”

“Would I draft Jordan Jefferson? Sure. Right after Gunner Kiel.”

“That’s the seventh Alabama player taken, Les. Thoughts?” (Miles has a fly swatter and is waving at the crowd)

Pac 12 defensive lineman (chuckle). I’m sorry. That’s metaphor.” “Les, did you mean ironic?” “No.”

“Marshall, try this boudin. Don’t worry, it’s the sixth round, it’s not like Tom Brady is available.”

“Never been much for scat backs. Like my running backs like I like my women. Burly, bruising and tendencies of a dominatrix.”

“We are excited about the additions of Texas A&M and Missouri. The Pacific Northwest is uncharted territory.”

“I can’t say I haven’t had discussions with NFL teams. But college suits me. There’s something exhilarating about scheduling all my practices between 10 and 2.”

“We’ll miss playing Bobby Petrino in the SEC West. He was a great competitor. Didn’t understand some of the texts I got from him though. Weird guy.”

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