Nebraska Spring Game: 5 Players To Watch

By Paul Troupe

Ah, it’s almost here, the Nebraska Cornhuskers spring game. Fans can come back from our withdrawal to watch their favorite team in a glorified scrimmage. Who cares though, it’s football. For those of you heading to the game, please be safe, as I’m sure you’re aware of the possible sever weather headed that way. Good ‘ol Nebraska weather. So without further ado, here are five players you should watch during this game.

Taylor Martinez

So this may be an obvious one, but I’m curious to see how Taylor’s passing is after spending the off-season working with a quarterback coach. Has his mechanics improved? Footwork? Can he actually throw a pass halfway decently? Nebraska’s season may very well depend on the arm of Martinez, so I’m curious to see how much it has improved. Martinez also made comments about how Nebraska’s goal is the BCS Championship; now it’s time for him to back it up/

Damion Stafford

Stafford will be looking to make a statement and grab the starting position heading into the fall. Stafford is one of the hardest hitters on the team, but was horribly out of position a few times last season that resulted in long touchdowns. After having another year on campus to learn the system, things should be a little easier this time around.

Zaire Anderson

Anderson is one of the two early enrollments from the recruiting class of 2012. I’m not sure how well he knows the system, but it will be interesting to see how he plays. He is looking to be the next Lavonte David and start this fall, but time will tell. Anderson is a big, fast linebacker who, like David, usually does not overrun plays and takes proper angles. Junior college may not play at the level of the B1G 10, but I don’t think it will take Anderson long to adjust.

Mohammed Seisay

Perhaps the most important player to watch, from a defensive perspective. Seisay is a big corner who, when playing, will be a tremendous assest to this Husker secondary. Seisay has been called better than prior Husker corners from this same school, and will be looking to prove it. Nebraska’s young secondary was up and down all year. If Seisay can earn a starting spot with Andrew Green, Nebraska might be better off than people thought next year.

Brion Carnes

Sure, this may be another quarterback on the list, but without a push for the starting job, Taylor Martinez can relax all he wants. Carnes was said to be light years behind Martinez last year, but this year has a much better grasp on the offense. Taylor’s injury history is well known by fans, and it is a miracle he has not missed more games so far in his Husker career. But if the worst were to happen, Nebraska will have to rely on the shoulders and legs of Carnes. Let’s see how far he has come since last year.

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