Oklahoma Sooners Freshman Trey Metoyer Well Worth the Hype

By Luke McConnell

Trey Metoyer‘s arrival on the University of Oklahoma campus was a long time coming.

The freshman from Whitehouse, Texas had originally been a part of the Sooners’ 2011 signing class, but failed to qualify academically to join the Sooners in 2011. Instead of being in Norman, Metoyer spent the fall in Virginia, at Hargrave Military Academy.

Metoyer qualified in the spring semester, and arrived on campus in January, ready to finally begin his OU career. Since that time, he has been just about all the coaches and offensive players have talked about, including head coach Bob Stoops.

“He just has got incredible hands and the ability to make plays,” Stoops said after Saturday’s spring game. “He has a knack for adjusting to the football; just all the things you saw today. He just has a natural feel for it, on spacing and how to make plays and get to the ball.”

On Saturday during the Sooners’ spring game, fans got to see Metoyer for the first time, and they weren’t disappointed in what they saw.

Metoyer had six catches for 72 yards, including a leaping grab of an overthrown pass that looked like it was going to sail into the stands at Owen Field.

“As they say, a good receiver will go get it no matter where it’s at,” Metoyer said. “I try to do that all the time.”

Metoyer said the atmosphere was extremely different than the one he played in at Hargrave, but not in a negative sense.

“Back in Virginia, we didn’t really have a big crowd or anything like that so it felt good to be out here with a crowd today and to perform.” Metoyer said.

Metoyer has been working hard all spring to be more than just a freshman. He said being a freshman is not an excuse for when he makes mistakes.

“My Dad and I stay in contact quite often and he tells me to go out there and to not play like a freshman,” Metoyer said. “I just want to come here and perform, that is all I really want to do.”

Metoyer’s attitude and work ethic have made an impact on the entire coaching staff, both offensive and defensive coaches alike.

“I just love the way the guy goes out and he just works every day,” defensive coordinator Mike Stoops said. “It’s refreshing to see a guy come in and he’s just kind of a no-nonsense guy that enjoys the game and you can tell he has a great passion for what he does.”

The most excited coach is probably offensive coordinator Josh Heupel. The Sooners haven’t had a big, physical receiver since Malcolm Kelly in 2007, so the addition of Metoyer and his wide range of skills has Heupel drooling.

“He’s strong, he’s physical, he catches the football when it’s thrown in his direction, I would say, almost every time,” Heupel said. “He’s a guy that can be a big-time impact for us offensively. He can be a competitive one-on-one playmaker out on the outside.”

Most importantly, he’s impressing his teammates, most notably, his quarterback, senior Landry Jones, who said the differences in Metoyer’s game from other receivers on the roster are refreshing.

“He has a lot of physicality to him and he plays he plays really strong to the catch,” Jones said. “When it is tight coverage you can kind of put it out there for him and he is going to go up and kind of make a jump ball out of it.”

Metoyer isn’t expecting a lot from himself individually this season. However, he does have some high expectations for the team.

“For me, honestly (it) is to just get a ring,” Metoyer said. “As a freshman it would be a good experience playing in the national championship.”

That’s always the expectation for the Sooners in Norman, and 2012 will be no different for Oklahoma.

However, Landry Jones and the offense have a new weapon in Metoyer, and he’s for real.

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