Garrett Gilbert Taking 27 Hours to Graduate from Texas in May

By Kris Hughes

Former University of Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert was faced with an interesting dilemma to finalize his transfer to Southern Methodist University and be able to play immediately this fall for the Mustangs, without having to sit out an entire season before doing so.

Gilbert had to complete his degree at the end of a traditional semester and enroll as a graduate student at SMU for the fall to be eligible to compete without a waiting period.

To get this done, Gilbert is taking 27 hours of undergraduate classes at Texas (6 in-class and 3 internet-based) this semester to ensure he graduates with a degree in Sports Management this May.

Plenty have leveled criticism at Gilbert during his time on the Forty Acres– myself included– but regardless, you have to respect the drive to complete his obligations and move on with his life.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to sit in those six classes, surrounded by classmates  and peers who in large part may view Gilbert as a failure and a never-was.

His willingness to endure this uncomfortable situation for a few months to move on with his life is a great sign for SMU and head coach June Jones. Gilbert desperately wants to make his way to Dallas and he has been faced with one last obstacle to get there.

He can officially start to participate in team activities beginning in June.

With two years of eligibility remaining at SMU, Gilbert will have an opportunity to turn around a legacy marred by his lack of production and inability to run the Texas offense.

For Garrett Gilbert it’s never been a question of the will, just the ability to turn that will into positive results.

Gilbert had the will to take on an obscene class load this semester to step closer to his chance at redemption.

We all should hope he turns things around.

Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves.

Only a few actually realize that chance.

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