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Big 12 Football Coaches in Bobby Petrino’s Situation

As the college football offseason plods on and most of the South waits for word on Bobby Petrino‘s replacement, it begs the question in Big 12 territory; how entrenched is each head coach?

Nothing about the scandal in Fayetteville made me believe it would have cost Petrino his job had he not hired her. That was his death knell. Similar details in a Big 12 brouhaha means a pink slip for any offender as well.

But let’s just stop at the public adultery. Athletic department officials and boosters can forgive running around on the wife if the coach wins. Therein lies that morality barrier where accepting a man’s shortcomings for the benefit of his victories is different on each campus.

So the hypothetical is this: Does adultery equate to firing every Big 12 head coach?

1. Baylor and Art Briles

Probability of Pink Slip: High (It’s a Baptist school, and that won’t fly)

Boosters Thoughts: They’d try like hell to keep him. Offer the other woman a minor role on the ABC show, GCB and keep quiet.

2. Iowa State and Paul Rhoads

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (Would it make national news?)

Boosters Thoughts: Same as Baylor, he’s made the Cyclones competitive. Put her out to pasture, pun intended.

3. TCU and Gary Patterson

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (Even coupled with the drug scandal, he basically got them a Big 12 invite)

Boosters Thoughts: Ha. Let us know when there’s a real issue, like LSU offering him a job.

4. West Virginia and Dana Holgorsen

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (Come on, this is the guy that lived in a hotel in Stillwater)

Boosters Thoughts: John Denver wasn’t a saint in relationships, next question.

5. Oklahoma State and Mike Gundy

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (He’s teflon with a Big 12 title ring, what if it was with the female reporter at whom he screamed, “I’m a man, I’m 40″ ?)

Boosters Thoughts: Keep the heat on Bob Stoops, Mike and we’ll set you up with the Governor.

6. Oklahoma and Bob Stoops

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (Unless the woman in question was kin to David Boren and even then, the school President might give him a fist pound)

Boosters Thoughts: You serious, Clark?

7. Texas Tech and Tommy Tuberville

Probability of Pink Slip: Medium (Solely because I get the feeling this marriage between coach and campus is headed for a divorce soon anyway)

Boosters Thoughts: “Leach is employed, Briles turned us down, maybe we can hire the guy who wrote that Gus Malzahn book.”

8. Kansas and Charlie Weis

Probability of Pink Slip: High (They’re going to regret Weis and the thought of him and adultery repulses me)

Boosters Thoughts: If we bump his salary up a million, any chance Bill Self can consult on fall practice?

9. Texas and Mack Brown

Probability of Pink Slip: Medium (Tricky, two years ago it wouldn’t find the public, now the athletic department might see an easy transition phase)

Boosters Thoughts: “I want Petersen.” “Well, I want Saban.” “$7.5 million each to run offense and defense separately?” “Done.”

10. Kansas State and Bill Snyder

Probability of Pink Slip: Low (His name is on the stadium and like Weis, gross subject)

Boosters Thoughts: Wonder what ‘ole Ron Prince is up to these days, guy was always good for beating Texas?