Bobby Petrino's Affair Outlined in the Notes of Arkansas AD Jeff Long

By Ryan Wooden

God bless America and the Freedom of Information Act. Thanks to that juicy little piece of legislation, public universities are subject to inquiries into otherwise private records, like the notes from Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long’s investigation into Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell’s affair.

Here is the cliff notes version of what they said:

  • Arkansas found 326 phone calls and 7,228 text messages between the two dating back to April of last year.
  • The relationship started with a kiss over lunch.
  • It lasted for at least five months, and it became sexual in nature.
  • The two claimed the relationship ended in February, but Long didn’t buy it, “If the relationship was over, why get on (the) bike?” Long’s notes read.
  • Dorrell stuffed the $20,000 in cash Petrino gave her under the mattress like she was some sort of TVA employee.
  • Petrino bought her candy.

There’s not much new stuff here, although the intel on Dorrell’s banking habits and Petrino’s gifts of Hot Tamales are amusing. However, the most interesting advancement of the story is the insight into Jeff Long’s thought process during this investigation.

It’s clear from Long’s notes that he was peeved that Petrino neglected to mention this relationship despite having had several opportunities to fill Long in, and the tone of Long’s repeated inquiries seem to indicate that had Petrino been forthcoming, precautionary measures would have been made to get out in front of this scandal that might have allowed Coach Petrino to keep his job. Instead, Petrino overvalued the type of influence that he might have over his athletic department.

Jeff Long has been praised regularly for how he handled this situation, and I think this report only reaffirms that Jeff Long made a decision with the best interest of the University of Arkansas in mind.

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