DeLoss Dodds Takes Aim At Big Ten, Pac 12 On College Football Playoff

By Chris Hengst

DeLoss Dodds isn’t one to mince words and he’s had it with the Big Ten and Pac 12. The role the Rose Bowl will play in college football’s changing postseason appears to be a hindrance and one of America’s most powerful athletic directors is sick of the charade.

The Texas AD spoke with USA Today and lined out his impatience:

“The only way it’s going to get fixed,” Dodds says, “is for the rest of the country to have a playoff of some kind and let them do their (own) deal. And then after five years, their coaches would go berserk because they’re not in the mix for a national championship. And they’d have to join it.”

You don’t need to be the athletic director at Texas to know that’s not going to happen. Larry Scott is too forward-thinking, Jim Delany finally has a national championship-caliber coach for this decade roaming the sidelines in Columbus. Dodds is simply doing what he does best; baiting the folks from whom he needs something.

He did it when he famously proclaimed, “we don’t keep up with the Joneses, we are the Joneses.”

The same when realignment hysteria basically revolved around Austin, “we didn’t start this but if we need to finish it, we’ll finish it.”

Now Dodds and the rest of college football must find a solution to appease the Big Ten and Pac 12. Will they bend over to do so?

Of course not.

The venue and the pageantry of the Rose Bowl are unmatched in the sport. If I was the college football czar, I’d require that the national championship be staged there annually. It’s a gorgeous stadium, wonderful atmosphere and what feels like a “home” for college football. Keith Jackson would also be paid handsomely to narrate my tailgate.

But it’s not bigger than the game.

If the Pac 12 and Big Ten believe the opposite, fine. Have fun watching another conference hoist crystal footballs. They’ve both become pretty good at it anyway. In the west and Midwest, it might mean more to win in Pasadena but record books and bragging rights are coated in title winners, not exhibition participants.

Four teams, played at neutral sites with a bid out championship makes sense to everyone except the Imaginary Union of Fan Travel Rights and the eleven conference commissioners plus Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick. While the former is a joke, the latter actually gets to sign off on ending the current Bowl Championship Series format.

Thus far, Southeastern Conference commish Mike Slive has kept a cool head. But he needed someone else to tap Scott and Delany for their rigid lunacy.

There’s a saying in the state where Dodds resides that goes something like this, “If he was melted down, he couldn’t be poured into a fight.”

It doesn’t apply to the athletic director at Texas and he’s ready to see what kind of public set the Big Ten and Pac 12 own.

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