Video: Colorado Buffaloes Head Football Coach Jon Embree Meets President Barack Obama

By David LaRose

President Barack Obama was in Boulder today as part of a three-campus college tour speaking out against rising student loan interest rates. His last stop of the day, after to traveling to UNC-Chapel Hill and Univ. of Iowa, was to CU-Boulder the home of the Buffaloes. Before he made his way to the flatirons though he met CU’s head football coach Jon Embree and assistant head basketball coach Jean Prioleou on the tarmac.

We all know by now how big of a sports fan Obama is and he played the part again this afternoon interacting with the two head coaches. He mentioned how Tad Boyle and the CU men’s basketball team beat his brother in law’s team this season and how he was not too happy about it. I’m talking about Oregon State’s head basketball coach Craig Robinson who is the older brother of US First Lady Michelle Obama. CU defeated Oregon State in Boulder 82-60 but lost to the Beavers in the last game of the regular season before their run to a Pac-12 championship.

After speaking to Prioleau, he turned his attention to Embree and asked him how the guys were looking this spring. Of course Embree said the team was looking good and they are getting there but it was pretty cool to see Obama interacting with the CU athletic coaches. It’s an opportunity that people cherish and something that they can tell their kids when they are older.

Hopefully the next time that Embree and company meet Obama, it is at the White House after winning a national championship. Wishful thinking I know but one can always dream

Here’s a picture of Embree that he tweeted of him standing on the steps of Air Force One:

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