BCS Status Quo Is Out; College Football Playoff In

By Chris Hengst

At last, the time for college football fans to move past the Bowl Championship Series and onto a 16-team playoff has arrived. Wait, what? It’s just four teams? Fine, we’ll take it.

The FEMA version of a BCS representative, Bill Hancock, confirmed today at the Fort Lauderdale meetings what we all hoped, all expected and frankly, required in order to avoid burning the sport to the ground, one campus at a time.

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But this is college football, the obvious is never easy.

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Change doesn’t need to be small, medium or large for that matter. The only thing it need be is change even if we must wait until 2014. For years, the BCS has normally provided a championship that matched the best two teams in the sport. When it didn’t, people freaked out, asked for a playoff that included the Sun Belt champion and generally lost their minds.

Four teams is progress. College football won’t implode because of a public inability to fill out a bracket.

With the number of teams mostly fixed, deciding on neutral sites or campuses for semifinals seems the largest obstacle. Yes, the idea of Boise State hosting one of those games with a stadium capacity of 33,500 presents a problem. But if college football voters have proven anything, it’s that they’ll cast their ballots with the sport’s best interests in mind. Place the Broncos against the Crimson Tide and do I need to spell out who earns hosting honors?

Besides locale, the method of choosing teams represents a blockade. Selection committee? Computer formula? Coaches Poll?

I’m borderline content with whatever occurs on the method because I didn’t think the four-team expansion would occur in my lifetime. College administrators have a tendency of clinging to an outdated process far beyond its serviceable tenure. If they pick the latest version of a crappy Dell laptop to house an Excel spreadsheet devoid of strength of schedule, I’m okay with that.

Just give me a playoff and four teams that don’t need to explain their best loss.

If five teams finish with one loss though, God helps us all.

Not really, the sport will just exclude the least traditional team.

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