Purdue's Ricardo Allen Undefeated Since Issuing Twitter Challenge

By Jay Beck

Ricardo Allen happens to be a pretty good football player.  So good in fact that he was named second team All-Big Ten after just his sophomore season at Purdue.  He finished fourth on the team in tackles with 81  and also came up with three interceptions in 2011.

He also happens to be pretty good at playing video games.  Just ask many of his twitter followers.

Allen issued a challenge to his followers on twitter that he’d follow them in return if anyone could beat him in NCAA Football 2012.  So far, he hasn’t had to follow a sole.

Allen has defeated 27 straight followers who took him up on the challenge.  Only one has come close.

“I play football myself,” Allen said. “I always pass the ball, and I can read a lot of the coverages. It makes it that much easier knowing about football.”

Allen plays with Florida State and if you want to beat him, you’d better go in knowing how to stop his favorite play which is “four verticles.”

The Purdue cornerback is ranked 2,200 in the world on XBOX at NCAA Football 2012 and if think you’re going to trick him, it’s doubtful you’re going to do it by using some sort of oddball strategy.

“I’ve seen everything,” Allen said. “Somebody even used Purdue against me. I couldn’t beat them that bad since that’s my team.”

So if you think you have a chance, give Mr. Allen a follow and you’ll get to see how your skills stack up against one of the best.  It’s likely you’ll even get a chance to talk to the cornerback who has his sites set on the 2014 NFL draft.

Purdue finished the 2011 season 7-6 which included a 37-32 victory over Western Michigan in the Little Caesar’s Bowl.

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