Bob Bowlsby Accepts Offer to Serve as Big XII’s New Commissioner

Earlier today, Rant Sports reported that the Big XII conference had extended an offer to the Stanford University athletic director, Bobby Bowlsby, to serve as the conference’s new commissioner.

It has just been reported that Bowlsby has indeed accepted the offer.

The Big XII has been looking to gain some stability after suffering a tumultuous couple of years.

Two seasons ago, amid rumors that some of the conference’s most prominent programs, including The University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma, were in heated talks to join the (then) Pac 1o conference, the University of Colorado and Nebraska University both bolted and decided to head out on their own.

Colorado, afraid they would get left out of the new conference talks, headed to the Pac 10 themselves in a proactive move, while Nebraska, rumored to have a lot of issues with the Longhorns’ perceived power in the conference, headed to the Big 10.

This past season, again with more rumors of conference shuffling, Texas A&M and the University of Missouri both took their programs to the SEC.

Shortly afterward, former Big XII commissioner, Dan Beebe was released from his duties as the Big XII commissioner.

As a result, the Big XII went and invited TCU and West Virginia to join them in the conference as replacements to their recently departed programs.

Though, with the addition of TCU and the Mountaineers, the Big XII seems to be on its way back to being one of the top conferences in the country, there are still rumors of some shake-ups–most notably rumors (though not yet substantiated) that Florida State University and Clemson University may be interested in joining the remaining programs.

Bowlsby certainly will have his work cut out for him. He has to prove conference stability, which would be easy to do if the Seminoles and Tigers decide to join the newly-expanded conference.

Bowlsby, prior to accepting his new position, worked as the Stanford AD for seven seasons. Prior to that, he held the same position at both the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Iowa.

He was also the head of the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee in 2006 and served on the United States Olympic Committee in 2008.

Though it’s too early to tell, it appears that Bowlsby is a solid choice for the conference. He will certainly have his work cut out for him in this volatile and ever-shifting college football landscape.



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