Tim Miles Hitting The Trail Hard

By Paul Troupe

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of recent content. I also write for the San Antonio Spurs and Court Crusaders sections of RantSports, and we have been quite busy with the playoffs. No excuses, however, and I’m back to the Huskers.

In just a few weeks after Tim Miles nabbed Deverell Biggs, Miles is at it with a big man. Sergej Vucetic is a 7′ (or 7’1″ depending on where you look), 235 pound big man who commands attention in the middle of the floor. He is also the first player at 7 feet or taller for the Huskers since 1990.

Vucetic is said to be a similar player to Pau Gasol based not only on his height, but his outside shooting ability, however, he is still a very raw player who might need a year or two to continue building out his body.

Vucetic averaged 19.5 points per game to go along with 12 rebounds at AIM Prep in Northville, Michigan, as a junior last season. He has played on a number of European and American prep squads, traveling both continents to continue learning this game. He has a lot to work on with his footwork, but, if Miles is as good as a coach as he is a recruiter, Nebraska could be just fine. Husker fans will need to have some patience.

Coach Miles has already secured two early commitments for the upcoming class, plus the other two that Doc Sadler had prior to his termination. Nebraska is off to a good start so far, but there is still plenty of work to be done in this class.

Also, for those wanting to get a little more information on Vucetic, check out the two youtube videos below. One is of a game he recently played, and another is of a training session that he was doing.



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