Ohio State LB Andrew Sweat Makes Unconventional Career Decision

By Kris Hughes

Ohio State linebacker Andrew Sweat was recently faced with a big decision– take a shot at making an NFL roster as an undrafted free agent, or, pursue a career in law.

After sizing up his opportunities, the 31st ranked linebacker in the 2012 class, decided not to accept an offer provided him by the Cleveland Browns to attend their training camp this summer and tryout for a roster spot.

Citing a history of concussions, and general concern about his long-term health, Sweat instead will pursue a career in law and put football in the rear-view mirror.

Predictably, a certain well-known sports blog immediately ripped Sweat for his decision not to take the Browns up on their offer.

It’s easy story fodder, after all.

This blog spouted that new law firm workers make much less than their NFL counterparts in the first two to three years of employment– a typical “career expectancy” for an undrafted free agent like Sweat– and leave with “similarly scrambled brains.”

How quaint.

In short, their notion was Sweat would be better off taking the money in the NFL, even if it was the rookie minimum, rather than attending law school and slaving away as an over-worked junior associate at a major firm.

What the blog missed, however, was that Mr. Sweat will be able to work for his father’s law firm to start his career, after finishing law school– an awfully nice entry into the “working world”– but who wouldn’t do the same given the opportunity?

If Andrew Sweat believes his physical health is more important that short-term monetary gain which the NFL could yield, who is anyone to criticize his decision and judge the reasoning behind it?

I know it’s a shocker, but not everyone on this planet is prestige driven– and in the NFL this “prestige” comes with an immeasurable physical price, a price many are not aware they will have to pay.

Why condemn Andrew Sweat for being aware and making a decision that will affect his life long-term, not just in the immediate future?

Kris Hughes is the College Football Network Manager for Rant Sports. If you enjoy his takes, you can follow Kris on Twitter, check out his personal Facebook page, or stop by his personal Tumblr page. 


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