Around College Football: May 16th's Top Stories

By Chris Hengst

Police breaking up college parties happens daily and students being arrested does as well so when another athlete mouths off to an officer, it’s not breaking news. What is news is when a charge of “intimidation” is dropped on a linebacker for telling the cops slapping handcuffs on him, “my people will get you.” That’s a threat, not an overly creative one and something that Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly will probably remind Carlo Calabrese during fall camp. Calabrese defending his friends is honorable but an integral piece of the Fighting Irish defense could have used some humor in the moment to disarm the officers. Something to the effect of, “we’re still paying Charlie Weis, give us a break.” Also, I’m intrigued as to whom exactly he was referring to as his “people,” because these folks sound dangerous. More dangerous than a defense that finished 34th nationally in 2011 in total defense.

Buoyed by a move to the Big 12, TCU sold out its allotment of season tickets (some 30,000), a first in school history. The Horned Frogs commenced renovations of Amon G. Carter Stadium recently and may require additional forklifts if interest in the Fort Worth power remains heavy. Like their realignment counterparts, TCU benefits from new schools visiting their home but as alluring as Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are to former Mountain West participants, winning helps. There’s no reason with the Horned Frogs located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that they can’t recruit at a premium level. High school prospects enjoy the idea of regularly competing for championships so large crowds are nice, ask Penn State, but return trips to the Rose Bowl sell donors, alums and averages Joe’s or Terry’s or Skip’s, I don’t actually know any TCU graduates.

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Nick Saban’s openers while in Tuscaloosa (Clemson, Virginia Tech, Michigan) have been no slouches so it makes sense that he’d schedule the thriving school where he maintains a residence. Alabama and West Virginia might be polar opposites when it comes to their tactics (conservative offense/swarming defense vs. frantic offense/voluntary defense) but in an era when fewer high-profile inter-sectional games are occurring, it’s great to see two schools with a pair of balls. In 2014, the first year of the four-team college football playoff, the likelihood of a team needing a signature win instead of simply dominating their conference drops. So credit the Crimson Tide and Mountaineers for agreeing to the matchup, even if Nick Saban might be back in the NFL and Dana Holgorsen might be running the Wynn.

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We can’t go a single day without some sort of realignment news so thanks to Derrick Brooks for riling up the masses. The former Florida State player and trustee lit a veritable administrative fire when he claimed that the Big 12 reached out to the Seminoles rather than the other way around. That’s a slight issue for Bob Bowlsby’s new conference as it creates the possibility of litigation. Still, it seems rather obvious that Florida State is ready to bolt and no amount of he said-she said will change that. You don’t call up a girl at midnight to discuss the weather and the next morning, no one cares who initiated the contact. Similar to this situation, let’s just get to the good part.

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I followed Demar Dorsey’s recruitment because he never seemed to really commit to a school or coach even if he vocalized it. Florida failed to work for whatever reason, Michigan refused to accept him and Louisville didn’t fit. A stop at a junior college filled a time gap and now the mercurial defensive back is headed for Hawaii. Dorsey is slated to join the Rainbow Warriors and why not? Appearances in the SEC, Big Ten and Big East didn’t stick so let’s hit the beach and figure the rest out later. In reality, if Dorsey is able to last in the program, he’s a coup for head coach Norm Chow. NFL talents don’t often make their way to Honolulu so he’s worth following, again, if only to wonder whether this ramblin’ man of an athlete is really born for leaving.

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