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Stanford Offensive Coordinator Job Renamed in Andrew Luck’s Honor

The Offensive Coordinator position at Stanford University has been re-named in Andrew Luck’s honor due to an endowment from an anonymous donor.  The position, now known as the Andrew Luck Director of Offense, is currently held by Pep Hamilton, who is entering his third season with the Cardinal.

Such a formal title for a coaching position may seem a little odd, but it turns out coaching positions across the country have more formal titles– due to endowments– that the public never is made aware of, or really sees in print.

In a funny twist, some of college football’s better minds on Twitter immediately took to re-naming other coaching positions around the country in classic, tongue-in-cheek fashion:

[blackbirdpie url="!/BryanDFischer/status/204958832277987328"]

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And, just for good measure, I decided to contribute my own:

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While I don’t have any inherit issue with coaching positions being endowed, it just seems a little odd given endowments typically go towards something more tangible, like scholarships or facilities.

Leave it to Stanford alumni, though, to name one of these “Directorships” after a player who has just left their campus and has yet to take a snap in the NFL.

Confidence? Maybe.

School pride? Sure.

Short-sighted? Yep.

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