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NCAA Football

Around College Football: May 23rd

TCU hasn’t officially joined the Big 12 yet but rest assured, the Horned Frogs will earn a talking to in their introductory meetings. Athletic director Chris Del Conte spouted off this morning about realignment before checking with his bosses. Namely, Chuck Neinas and DeLoss Dodds.

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It’s no secret to anyone with a pulse that what Del Conte said is true but tampering lawsuits and Big 12 choices make those comments a bit risky. Florida State and Clemson aren’t an issue at this juncture but nothing about Miami, aside from their NFL success, provokes a definite invite. The Hurricanes administration claimed the ACC academic standards were more in line with their thinking before the obvious occurred and now an in with the Big 12 isn’t a given. That’s okay though, Nevin Shapiro is there to comfort them with hundred dollar bills and happy hours.

Yes, it’s May and there’s not a ton else going on in the world of college football. So more realignment it is:

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The Falcons make sense from the perspective that Navy also plans to join the Big East. Adding another military institute means at minimum, the conference won’t be lacking when it comes to inter-sport conflicts. Problem with the playoff? Send the planes and ships to Indianapolis and convince them otherwise. With the Cougars, BYU won’t continually have to schedule quality opponents as an independent. Big East membership assures them of something, I’m not sure what that is, but it does give BYU more friends. And Bronco Mendenhall could use some friends.

Florida and Texas A&M match up in the latter’s SEC debut on September 8th. Days ago, Gators coach Will Muschamp opined that one trip to College Station was enough. If you thought the Aggies wouldn’t respond, you’ve never checked TexAgs. First-year head coach Kevin Sumlin generally told the former Texas defensive coordinator to mind his own business and if my street protocol is correct (or just my South Park references), it’s on. Two mega-titans coming off 7-6 seasons will do battle at Kyle Field this fall for bragging rights and the ability to tell local press they won’t visit their opponent’s town again. Compelling stuff, that SEC.

Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer drew a criminal trespass charge over the weekend for entering a bar that didn’t want him inside. We’ve all been there. Door man tells you to piss off, alcohol makes you a hero and an open door around back means you’re ordering shots with someone tapping on your shoulder. Escorting you out is an option but come on, this is college and pride is more important than your public record. The all-conference Beaver probably returns without an administrative punishment but the number of sprints he’ll run will make him throw up those Lemon Drops. Assuming a red-blooded male is capable of ordering Lemon Shots.