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Nebraska Cornhuskers Biggest Obstacle Is Themselves

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are trying to regain their national prominence on a football stage, but so far in the Bo Pelini era they have come up with less than impressive seasons, including losses that should not have happened. Whatever the case may be, the biggest problem for the Huskers is not the referees, opponents, or anyone else but the team them self, contrary to what fans believe.

Many in the media like to focus on the head coach, Pelini, and put his temper at the front of the problems for the Huskers. In reality, the Husker’s problems have little to do with the temper that the media perceives Pelini has, but rather, with mental mistakes by the players. Too many times players were out of position, or were in position and failed to make the play.

When the Huskers were in games, especially those that turned into losses, they consistently killed themselves with untimely penalties. It is not hard for Husker fans to think back over the past four seasons to games where the Huskers had chances to win or lose games, and came out with the loss.

For Nebraska to really be a national title contender, as Taylor Martinez and others have proclaimed, they will need to get past themselves and into a new level of focus and intensity that has not been seen since the early 2000′s.

Nebraska’s offense and defense have the chance to be much, much better than they were this past season. Both units showed that they could be one of the best in the country, yet they also showed why Nebraska is still not a national title contender.

Husker fans are not upset with Pelini, but they are getting a little restless with poor performances in games that they should have won. Now is the time for them to show that they are ready to take the next step on the road to becoming a national powerhouse once again.

Paul Troupe is the lead writer for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and San Antonio Spurs, while covering many major sports for RantSports. You can follow him on Twitter @gamin4HIM