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NCAA Football

RB Herschel Sims Dismissed by Oklahoma State

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have dismissed sophomore running back Herschel Sims, who promised to be a heavy contributor this fall for Mike Gundy, if not the team’s workhorse back.

Sims allegedly stole $700 from teammate Jeremiah Tishimanga, by stealing his identification and using it to access his bank account without authorization.

Tishimanga identified Sims as the person who withdrew a total of $700 on two separate occasions from ATM machines in Stillwater, one withdrawal for $200 and another for $500.

While Sims hasn’t been named in an official police report, his physical description matches exactly to that given by Tishimanga to local police.

Oklahoma State has yet to make an official announcement regarding Sims’ release, but outlets across the Internet have noted this has happened internally and will become official soon.

Sims’ dismissal is an unwanted summertime distraction for a Cowboys team that will look to prove that their 2011 run was not a fluke and will already be dependent on youth at key positions as true freshman Wes Lunt has been named the starting quarterback for Week 1.

In 2010, Sims was rated as one of the top running backs in the country and in the state of Texas, running for 2,352 yards as a junior and catching the eyes of scouts across the country prior to fighting through an injury-plagued senior season.

As it tends to go in the college football off-season, it’s another day and another story of misdeeds by a young man who just doesn’t appreciate the opportunity he has been given.

This one is more notable than most, however, because of the future Sims had in front of him, that at least for now seems to have been tossed aside.

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