Purdue Basketball Recruiting Hot Board: Classes 2012-2013

By Drew Wooden

Time for a recruiting rundown for Purdue basketball. Let’s look at two future classes: 2012 and 2013.

2012 — 2 one-year scholarships open

Right now, there are two one-year openings. But it’s already June and it’s looking less and less likely that Purdue will add a fifth player to their 2012 class. The only thing stopping me from putting a period on the already touted class of 2012 is the possibility of a late transfer.

Needs: Purdue really needs a point guard or combo guard, preferably one with immediate eligibility. Unfortunately, the ship has sailed on Julius Mays – he chose Kentucky over Purdue. With limited time and an evaporating pool of talent, there aren’t many other places to look.

Two names remain as transfer possibilities: freshman Nic Moore (Illinois State) and sophomore Michael Perez (UTEP). Neither of these guards would be eligible next season and would have to sit out a year per NCAA rules.

  • Nic Moore is currently visiting Southern Methodist where his former coach has taken an associate head coaching job to Larry Brown. Moore is also considering Illinois and Notre Dame. Rumor is that he is seriously considering either SMU and Illinois. It’s looking less and less like Moore will wind up at Purdue. Mutual interest: Low
  • The other transfer possibility, Michael Perez, will have two years of eligibility after sitting out next season. The 6 foot 3 shooting guard is expected to take visits in early June, but there have not been any reports that he has taken a trip to Purdue. My gut feeling is the same as Jeff Washburn’s of the Lafayette Journal & Courier: Painter will likely pass. Mutual interest: Low
Conclusion: Don’t expect Purdue to add anyone else at this late juncture.
2013 — Zero scholarships open, although One Oversign Permitted
Even though Purdue does not have a scholarship opening in the 2013 class, we all know that rosters change quickly and coaches have to be prepared for defections. And the NCAA even allows for an “oversign” — where a 14th scholarship player can sign with a school, so long as there is a spot for the player when school starts in the fall.
Needs: Skilled wing or a post. Even though Purdue will have a lot of big men on their 2013 team, both Travis Carroll and Sandi Marcius are scheduled to graduate the following season. Thus, a big man will eventually be needed. Another versatile wing could also be used because Purdue will be looking for another tough perimeter defender who can also shoot from outside. In no particular order, here are some possibilities, although none of these players currently have Purdue offers:
  • Tanner Lancona: the 6-8 forward has a body that’s nearly ready for the college game. He has a nice outside stroke, although his shooting consistency is still a work in progress. His skill level is fairly good for a guy with his size. He’s not insanely athletic, but he does aggressively attack the rim and put up some impressive dunks. Matt Painter has shown interest, but will probably wait until he can see Lancona in person before throwing his hat into the ring. Mutual interest: Medium-Low
  • Trevor Thompson: a 2012 graduate of Ben Davis, the 6-10 forward has ideal size and enormous wingspan. His game is still a work in progress and he’s headed to prep school to get more exposure and work on his academics. Still, Purdue has taken notice of him and will likely track his progress. He is playing AAU with Basil Smotherman, so Purdue won’t have to go out of its way to watch him this summer. Mutual interest: Medium-Low
  • RJ Curington: a 6-5 wing from Oak Hill, who is originally from Dyer, Indiana. His defense is an area for improvement, but he is a good shooter. Mutual interest: Low
  • Nigel Hayes: 6-7 forward/wing from Toledo, Ohio. Hayes is actually a player for Ryne Smith’s father at Toledo Whitmer. Hayes has very good athleticism and his skill is really developing. I could see Purdue get more serious in his recruitment as long as he continues to progress. Right now, only mid major schools have offered Hayes. That could change soon though. Mutual interest: Medium
  • Jack Whitman: 6-8 forward from Lexington, KY. Whitman is thin, but a very good rebounder. He does not have Derek Willis type of skill, but he has a good basketball IQ. Purdue is tracking him, but nothing seems imminent. Mutual interest: Low
  • Brian Bridgewater: the 6-6 power forward is strong as an ox and doubles as a highly rated football player. His game might be compared a little bit to Chane Behanan of Louisville. Odds are low that he would ever make it to Purdue though because he is from Baton Rouge, LA and his brother went to LSU. Mutual interest: Low
There is a chance that Purdue would not add anyone to the 2013 class. That said, expect Matt Painter to identify more clear targets during the July evaluation period and then make offers. Painter has never been one to sit on his laurels when it comes to recruiting and it’s very likely that this list of potential prospects will expand.
Conclusion: with so much time left between now and fall 2013, expect Purdue to add another 2013 player. 
In the coming days, a 2014 hot board will be featured. Purdue has been more active in the 2014 recruiting, so there will be more identified targets and a better gauge of who’s hot on Purdue and vice versa.

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