Texas Longhorn legend Freddie Steinmark to be honored in feature-length film

By Marian Hinton

One of the most inspiring stories in Texas Longhorns football history is that of the Freddie Steinmark, and soon, fans will be able to see his story of determination and courage on the big screen.

On December 6, 1969, the Longhorns were celebrating their come-from-behind to defeat the Arkansas Razorbacks in a game that is now referred to as “The Big Shootout” and “The Game of the Century,” leading to the Longhorns’ third national championship.

The celebration, however, wouldn’t last long Freddie Steinmark and his Texas teammates.

Less than a week later, the junior starting safety was diagnosed with a cancerous bone tumor, which forced doctors to amputate his leg at the hip.

A week after the amputation, Steinmark returned, this time watching from the sidelines as his Longhorns defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the 1970 Cotton Bowl.

After the game, his teammates and head-coach Darrell K. Royal rallied around Steinmark, honoring him with the game ball.

Steinmark’s battle with the cruel disease continued throughout the fall, but he remained with his team after being named an assistant coach for the Longhorns during his senior season.

Sadly, the cancer eventually spread throughout his body, and despite Steinmark’s strong will and determination, he would lose his battle with the disease on June 6, 1971.

Today, on the 41st anniversary of his death, his family has announced that Steinmark’s story of courage will finally be commemorated on film.

The movie, which will be produced by Nine-Layer Productions in Los Angeles, will even include actual footage of Steinmark himself singing “The Eyes of Texas.”

The screenplay will be written by Bower Yousee, a childhood friend and teammate of the Texas icon.

Today, Steinmark remains a symbol of courage, strength, and hope for the Longhorn nation. When his picture is shown on the big screen before football games, a load roar envelops the crowd, so many years later.

And now, the eyes of not only Texas, but the eyes of the nation will be inspired by this Longhorn legend.

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