Texas Longhorns Recruit Ricky Seals-Jones Decommits

By gilgerard

In a big move for the Texas Longhorns, stud WR Ricky Seals-Jones decommits from the Longhorns program because he wanted to play basketball as well as football. The Longhorns said no way, no how, so Seals-Jones said goodbye.

This is a double blow because Seals-Jones has been given the go ahead by programs such as LSU and Baylor to play both. The longhorns get worse, and their competition gets better. Probably not a good strategy for the Longhorns.

This could have huge implications on the Longhorns recruiting strategies, and I firmly think Texas is in the wrong. These are kids. They aren’t getting paid, and they should be able to play both sports if they’re good enough. The decision to play multiple sports should be up to the STUDENT athlete.

Wait, I forgot. The NCAA is a business that robs people for money. My bad.

This is a perfect example of what NCAA sports have become, and it’s a crying shame.

Hopefully Seals-Jones goes to a Texas rival and lights them up in TWO sports. Serves Mack Brown right.

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