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Cops Raid Wrong House Looking For Auburn Shooting Suspect Desmonte Leonard

Desmonte Leonard is wanted by police in connection to a shooting near the Auburn campus and is still on the loose. Three men were killed in the assault, including two former Auburn football players.  Ed Christian and Ladarius Phillips were killed, while a current member of the Auburn football team, Eric Mack, is still recovering from getting shot.

Monday night, the police spent hours raiding a house in Montgomery as they believed that Desmonte Leonard was holed up in there.  That turned out to be false, which could be a huge turning point.  While everyone was focused on that house, Leonard had time to make a break for it to some where else.

No one is 100 percent sure why Desmonte Leonard felt the need to go on a shooting spree, but many feel that the incident involved a girl.  I am sure that more of a motive will come out in the coming days, but that does not change how senseless this act was.

I feel awful for the families of the men who lost their lives in this assault.  All of the people shot were still very young and they were cut down in the prime of their life.  That is unfortunate.  The families will never get those loved ones back.

The police will continue to search for Desmonte Leonard until they apprehend him.  It could be a couple of days or even weeks, but he needs to be brought to justice.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.