Big Ten Football APR Scores Looking Good

By Jay Beck

The NCAA released its latest round of APR scores on Thursday and as for how the Big Ten’s football teams fared, everything looks to be on the up and up.

For those unfamiliar with the APR score, it stands for Academic Progress Rate and is intended to be a way to measure the eligibility and retention of student-athletes that are on scholarship.  In plain English, if an athlete is on scholarship and stays in school while remaining academically eligible, that’s a good thing.  A school’s score is based upon an average of the prior four years.

For the 2010-2011 school year, the minimum requirement a school needed to achieve was 925 but that will increase to 230 for the 2012-13 academic year (a two year average over 930 or four year average over 900 as schools adjust to the new requirements).

Every school in the Big Ten was above the minimum threshold – most by a comfortable margin – and all the schools except three showed an increase over the prior year.  And the three that didn’t – Penn State, Indiana, and Minnesota – showed only slight decreases and all still remain above the minimum requirements.

Michigan showed the biggest increase from the previous year increasing its average by 13 points.  Purdue also had a double-digit increase increasing its APR by 11 points.

Here’s a look at where all the schools in the Big Ten stand with a comparison from the 2009-10 school year, as well.

Big Ten Football APR Scores

School 2010-11 2009-2010 1 yr. change
Northwestern 995 993 +2
Ohio State 988 985 +3
Wisconsin 975 967 +8
Penn State 971 972 -1
Nebraska 966 958 +8
Indiana 964 966 -2
Purdue 950 939 +11
Illinois 953 949 +4
Iowa 949 947 +2
Michigan State 943 938 +5
Michigan 943 928 +13
Minnesota 932 935 -3


For a look at other conferences or if you care to look at another sport, all the information can be found on the NCAA’s website.

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