Awaiting The Death Of The BCS

By Will Wilson

Is it 2014 yet?

I have a feeling Big Ten fans will be asking themselves this question for the next two years while we sit and wait for the new Football Final Four. They say good things come to those who wait, right? Well, this is going to be painful.

This is like someone telling us we can’t open our Christmas present until the next two Christmas’s. Damn Saint Nick. No, it’s not good old Saint Nick’s fault. However, we will desperately search for someone to blame for the next two years of the BCS‘s life.

The question is going to come up continuously throughout the fall. What if the Final Four began now? Well, I’m sure we would be happy Big Ten fans. We have one heck of a shot at placing a team in the playoff since we’re part of that ‘Big Four’ Conference group that has the most leverage.

The BCS has been tough on the Big Ten. Can we blame it though? Each team the Big Ten puts in a BCS bowl game more often than not disappoints. Not last year however (thank you Big Blue). But I’d say the Big Ten has turned the corner with talent, not to mention that new coach over there in the Horse Shoe. Urban Meyer is going to bring three things to C-bus..speed, speed and more speed. Give him at least one season to bring some guys in.

Yes we constantly complain about the BCS each November and December, but don’t we grow to love college football even more every year? I sure as heck do. I’m pretty sure you do too if your a fan of the Big Ten or any other conference for that matter.

Finally, let’s be honest with ourselves. The new ‘improved’ system that we await in 2014, will have its flaws too. Strength of schedule will still be considered and so will what conference you ultimately are a member in. So there are similarities to the BCS, big deal. We at least got something OTHER than the BCS.

I’ll cheers to that.

Will Wilson is a writer for Rant Sports covering College Football and the Big Ten Conference.

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